Ordinary Membership

Individuals above 18 years of age may join the club as a ordinary member with full voting rights. Members are allowed to hire aircrafts on solo flights subjected to flightcrew license currency. Club facilities and flight support is also available to members and their immediate family and guests.

Club members are welcome to participate in regular navigational trips and other club events such as flight safety seminars or night flying experiences conducted regularly.


Associate Member / Honorary Member

Associate membership allows individuals to conduct limited flying activities using the club's aircrafts. Priority is given to club's ordinary members and flight training. Associate members are not allowed to vote and partake in meetings as well as the management of the club.

Honorary membership is conferred on to select individuals with notable achivements and contributions to the flying club and/or towards the development of aviation in Singapore. Term period is decided by the executive committee and rewewed

Entry into the club as a associate or honorary member is strictly by invitation only.


Visiting Member

Visitors and guests may be admitted into the premises of the Club but they shall not be admitted into the privileges of the Club nor shall they be entitled to use its facilities.They shall not be admitted into the Club’s premises more than six times in a calendar year and such visits shall be confined to not more than once in fourteen days.

Visiting members are accorded non member flying rates, please contact our office for rates. Visiting members are also not allowed to hire aircraft on solo flights. All flights have to be accompanied by a club personnel or member.

For expats relocating to Singapore with foreign flightcrew license wishing to convert to to a Singapore PPL, we are happy to assist in your conversion subjected to CAAS requirements.


Social Member

Social membership is intended for individuals who may not be of age to commence on flight training or individuals who is interested in aviation but do not want to obtain/ conduct flying activities yet. Social members are entitled to usage of the club's facilities and are welcome to join us on flying activities and seminars conducted from time to time.


Reciporcal Membership

Seletar Flying Club is open to reciporcal membership with flying clubs located outside Singapore for the benefit of our club members. For discussions, kindly contact us using our contact page.

Current arrangements includes reciporcal discount for existing Seletar Flying Club members to join WOA as a full or social member at attractive rate. Members can contact club management for more information.


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