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Flight Training

Flight Training 

For the purpose of obtaining a Singapore CAAS PPL, a candidate will be requirement to complete the following for the grant of a PPL(Aeroplane) under SASP1:

  • Atleast 20hrs under instruction
  • Minimum of 10hrs solo flight
  • 4 hours under Instrument Flying Condtions or simulated Instrument Conditions
  • Passed all Ground theory papers inaddition to a valid Class 2 medical certificate

Ground School 

The club have a wide range of textbooks and materials for sale to members to prepare for the aviation ground papers so as to obtain their PPL. The club also organise seminars on flight safety and on a wide range of topics relating to aviation from time to time.

Seletar Flying Club Members have an option to self-study or take up a customized theory course with our training partner, Wingsoverasia, at a discounted rate. The course fees cover the CAAS recommended study materials and navigation computer (CRP-1) with the exception of CAAS examination fees. There are a total of 7 subjects and the examination fee per subject is $124.

Members who are interested to apply for the discounted theory course must register through Seletar Flying Club at .


Post PPL Training

Night Rating 

For the purpose of including a night rating onto a valid Singapore CAAS PPL, a candidate will be requirement to complete the following under SASP1:

  • Completed 50hrs of total flight experience
  • Minimum of 20hrs as Pilot in Command
  • 5 hours under Instrument Flying Condtions or simulated Instrument Conditions
  • 3 hours under instruction at night
  • 5 takeoff & landings at night

Navigational Flights 

Inaddition to providing solutions for members to obtain navigational experience post PPL, the club can make arrangements for members to undertake English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) inorder for members to under take international flights.

The club conducts navigational events and visits to regional airports for members to obtain navigational experiences and may participate in fly-in events within the region from time to time.


Recurrent Training

CAAS PPL Recurrent 

Under SASP1, Singaporean PPL holders must complete atleast 5hours of flight time every year for the renewal of their PPL. Of which 2 of the 5 hours must be under instruction from a qualified flight instructor.Seletar Flying Club offers recurrent programme to ensure that key aviation knowledge and handling skills are retained as well as new developments in aviation concepts are discussed. Allowing our members to gain more confidence, experience and knowledge in the safe conduct of their flight operations.

FAA PPL Recurrent 

Seletar Flying Club also offers pilots with FAA PPL license based in Singapore an opportunity to renew their license with our inhouse aircraft and instructors, who would be able to certify on your logbook having displayed that you meet the required degree of proficiency. We also welcome holders of FAA PPL to join us as members and flying activities!


Flying Rates

Enterance Fee 
Subscription Fee per Mth 
  1. Joining members are required to pay upfront 3 hours dual fees before commencement of flying training.




Flight Assistance Support! (ENDED)

Pilots with CAAS PPL license may be eligible for sign up promotions when signing up to become a member of Seletar Flying Club for the first time! Limited positions available, valid until end of 2019 or positions closed. Contact our club representitive for more information.

CAAS PPL Navigational Training

Conducting and assisting you in the removal of navigational restriction on CAAS PPL-R. Contact us today for more information, PPL-R from other flying club welcomed. It is time to fly further and higher!


Ready to learn to fly but afraid of the sky high costs? Take advantage of our prepaid PPL package at an attractive rate today! At just SGD$35,000 ; obtain your CAAS PPL now! Package includes 50hours of flight time and 100 Landings, representing over 40% cost savings!

Trial Flight Package (ENDED - Contact us for Trial Flight Experience! )

For those who want a taste of flying to determine if they have the fundamentals and passion for aviation, our 5hour trail flight package is the right solution for you at a introductory price of SGD$3000. An excellent experience for one who is considering a career in airlines, airforce or simply wanting to try flying different aircraft in our fleet. Contact us today for more information!

Fly an Advance Trainer

Introductary promotion, try your hand at the latest addition to the fleet. Beechcraft Debonair C33 is making it's debut at SGD$4000 per block of 10 hours. Gain an additional rating, renew your BFR or simply enjoy it's faster crusing speed making it great for long navigational flights. Make your booking today!


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